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"The JobBoard is in place for jobseekers searching for work or employers searching for governesses, In-home Carers or rural childcare services and centres."  


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Positions Advertised

Apply for jobs advertised openly

JobSeekers Page

Information for Jobseekers and how to submit Application Form to reach all Employer Members

Employers Page 

Membership & Advertising Information and Application Process for employers

Getting started Information ... scroll down or click link

JobBoard Advertising User Statistics

Best Times to Advertise for a governess

JobBoard Rules and Information

Step By Step ...Interested In Getting a Governess

Step By Step ...Interested In Getting a Job





Jobboard Advertising User Statistics

2014  to 70 MEMBERS  32 resumes
2013  146 MEMBERS  202 resumes
2012  172 MEMBERS  162 resumes
2011  189 MEMBERS  172 resumes
2010  145 MEMBERS  177 resumes
2009   175 positions    53 resumes
2008   180 positions    57 resumes
2007   142 positions    50 resumes
2006   134 positions    29 resumes
2005   127 positions    42 resumes
2004     55 positions    36 resumes


What are the best times to advertise your job or resume?

Governess Australia is encouraging JobBoard users to advertise at the following times for optimum service;

For a Term 1 start: 1st of September to 14th of December - after that I am on school holidays and will be working outside in the day but will try to update each night throughout January. 

For Terms 2, 3, and 4: Advertise at least 6 weeks before the term ends if possible.

We encourage both employers and job seekers to look at the JobBoard within these times.

JobBoard Rules and Information


  • Please allow 8 days for the job to appear on the Job Board.

  • Please remember that while we do our best to provide prompt service, Governess Australia is run by a working governess and as such that position comes first.

  • Governess Australia does not vet positions or resumes.  The JobBoard is just an advertising service; we encourage users to carefully check out each resume or position and its' references before entering employment. 

  • Regular contact needs to be made with the Job Board in regards to whether a position has been filled or job seeker employed. If no contact has been made in three months the position or resume will be removed from the Job Board.

  • Governess Australia accepts no responsibility and makes no endorsement, warranty or representation as to the qualifications or credentials of any person advertising with Governess Australia.

  • All persons advertising with Governess Australia are independent of and not in any way to be considered employees or agents of Governess Australia.

  • Accepting any error or omission in compiling the Governess Australia JobBoard list or positions vacant list, all qualifications, credentials and other personal information is as supplied to Governess Australia, and no responsibility is accepted for the truthfulness or accuracy of said information.

  • Under no circumstances shall Governess Australia be liable for any indirect or consequential damages that may result from the action or inaction of any person advertising with Governess Australia.

  • Governess Australia will only collect personal information by lawful and fair means. We will collect only information that is relevant for the service for which you have inquired.  We will collect all such information directly from you.

Interested in getting a governess...

  1. Go to the Parent's Page and read all the information

  2. Go to the Employer Membership page to begin the advertising process and follow the step by step guide.

Interested in getting a job...

  1. Go to the Govie's Page and read all of the information to better understand and prepare yourself for governessing.

  2. Go to  Positions Advertised page and look over currently advertised jobs and apply for any you are interested in.

  3. Go to the Jobseekers Page to begin the advertising process and follow the step by step guide.

Advice: Before taking your resume down please confirm your employment. 


If you need advice or assistance on anything don't hesitate to email me.




"You're not just a govo, you're THE GOVO"                                                                                          "Uniting Govo's Outback"



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